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Barth B-4.Media Volledige grootte weergeven

Barth B-4.Media

B-4.Media is een draadloze vrijstaande kolomluidspreker 184cm hoog met ingebouwde versterker en ruimte voor draadloze microfoon ontvanger beide . voor mobiel gebruik, Zwart

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€ 3.038,00

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The B-4.MEDIA is a unique mobile wireless column loudspeaker for use with rechargeable battery or mains power.

Based on the "Cardioid Technology" developed by Barth (patent applied for), the B-4.MEDIA is able to deliver excellent speech intelligibility and music projection even under unfavourable acoustic conditions.

This technology reduces the feedback risk as well, which positively influences the freedom of microphone selection and positioning. The elaborate passive crossover is matching the frequency spectrum to the line length, resulting in a frequency-constant dispersion pattern. The cardioid technology is effectuating a distinctive rear- and side-attenuation already at midrange and low frequencies. The B-4.MEDIA uses the well-established loudspeaker technology of the B-4.C13 loudspeaker column, combining it with an integrated amplifier, two inputs, rechargeable battery and a massive die-cast base.

The simple and well laid out controls assure quick and safe operation.

Most common wireless pocket receivers can easily be mechanically integrated via a particular slot adapter for universal use of the loudspeaker.

The B-4.MEDIA can be combined with the subwoofer BS-8.x for higher sound pressure in the low frequencies. The B-4.MEDIA can be directly screwed on a BS-12.x or a BS-12.sp to form just one integrated unit.

The resulting loudspeaker unit is very suitable for music and offers a higher projection point while still retaining its elegant design.

Continuous operation through battery charger directly from mains is also possible.

The sleek aluminium enclosure in its attractive column design together with the metal front grille is optionally available in every RAL-colour.

  Technical data  
  Amplifier Power 120 W program
  Drivers 8 x 4" + HF tweeter
  Construction self-powered, cardioid*
  Frequency Range 98 Hz - 20 kHz
  SPL 121 dB (Peak)
  Connectors line-In, power supply / charger
  Coverage (H x V) 90° x 30°
  Battery duty about 8 - 20 hours / charge
  Power Supply / Charger 230 VAC
  Dimension (W x H x D) 12.5 x 190 x 11.5 cm
  Net Weight 28.5 kg with die-cast base